About Lawrence Shustak

Larence N. Shustak was born in The Bronx, NY, 13 Feb 1926, and lived and worked largely as a photographer in and around NYC and later taught photography for a short time in Carbondale, Illinois. 

He moved to Christchurch, New Zealand in 1973, and established the Photography Dept at the School of Fine Arts, Univ. of Canterbury. He remained in Christchurch until retirement around 1990 when he moved into an old Samoan Church at South Brighton Beach. 

Best known for his 1960's portfolios of: Black Jews, Fisheye nudes, Jazz musicians (for Riverside Records), Graffiti, Street photography, SX-70 Polaroids, 35mm Tri-X, 35mm Kodachrome, 8x10 handheld photography. In New Zealand Larence utilised small 35mm cameras and 1hr Photo Labs, shooting the urban and rural environments.

Larence departed our company on 15 May 2003. A feature documentary film called SHUSTAK was produced by an old student and friend of his, Stuart Page 

Larence (aka Larry) is survived by his wife Margo and two sons and two daughters from his three marriages. His first son Allan died in August 2005.